1. Photograph all of the Thai Food (Italian, Mexican, French – whatever floats you) Restaurants in your town and make a website guide with images of the food, building, interior. Do not charge the restaurants, but get their participation.

Become known as THE food photographer by people who do food, not just editors and photography type clients.

2. Give away all of your iPhone shots. Free. In fact – encourage bloggers to use them. Put them on a web page with a blanket “get them free” language and ask for people to use them in their blogs. Couple this with a pitch to shoot “professional” images at a rate that makes sense. NOTE: You absolutely MUST be on top of PR. This is YOUR STORY… rock it.

3. Like roadtrips? Do one every weekend. Document your journey… mileposts, food, bars, fun… but with your own quirky twist to it. Purchase fun, funky things that are one offs. Build website and show the trips, sell the one-offs at a profit. Use video, audio and of course photographs to get people excited about the adventure.

Yes, it’s been done before. Usually very badly. Yours has to kick ass.

In Conclusion! Just get out there and let yourself be seen!



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